The Opinion Police (and it’s a fact!)

I had totally forgotten how on Danish radio and TV, polls are used nearly every day to share the “opinion of the people”. One day the researchers publish a new report on what we think about the school system, the next day the opinion police dictates that we will today discuss how many % of us feel stressed. It can be any subject matter – but you listen, because “it’s a fact”, it’s what we mean… like we, on average… on a random subject….

Being back in Denmark for quite some weeks last year, travelling the country by car, it was fascinating listening to the radio. It hit me how Denmark with its marvellous, democratic welfare has become so equal and well-rounded that even our opinions are averaged.

And when input is needed, we add a so-called expert. Who needs a dictator, when opinions can be dictated voluntarily?

Fully voluntarily that is. In Denmark, it’s all voluntary – even voting – which means that we have one of the highest voter turnouts. Because people are informed and the education philosophy is based on having your say – people want to vote. And give their opinion in polls. Wonder whether any dictator could have found a better method of spoon-feeding opinions: “you said it yourself… like you… on average…”

The issue is, that you get confused. When you every day hear, see and read about a new subject matter that you as Dane supposedly already have an opinion about. And another expert telling you how to eat, exercise, love, live or not get stressed. Really, that makes me stressed!!!

My definition of Freedom of living: how in Australia I live my life following what I think works for me, share and read – but don’t feel I have to keep up. No one tells me (discretely, averaged, spoon-fed daily) what to think or how to live, I can define my way.

Welfare is brilliant, and I would any day prefer paying 69% of my last earned krone as I did in Denmark (free education including tertiary, free GP, free dentists for kids and the list keeps going) to having the big void between rich and poor that we have here. But what “liberty” donates kindly on the other hand, is diversity. Many ways of living, many role models, many ways of thinking, not just one averaged way.

In Denmark, a provoking book is getting attention at the moment, it’s about “standing STILL” – to stop developing and instead saying no. I see his point. But on the other hand, I love development and saying yes – when it comes from your heart. When it fits your inner voice. And when YOU choose when and where to look for inspiration.

Policing is great for the important things – but leave our opinions alone please!