Throwing away that old coat – off you go!

When was the last time you decluttered? Had a GOOD look at all the stuff you have gathered? And then ACTIONED???

Well, we decluttered under the house yesterday, and except for a lower back reaction (forgot that it’s bad style bending over boxes all day), it was liberating. Making decisions, loving the great memories and still letting go of some of it. Niiiiice.

What are you ready to let go of? The change of season is a good reason to go through your clothes. What haven’t you used since last year (or the year before… or they year before that… or…. you get the point)? You probably do like me and most others: use the same 20% of your wardrobe week in and out. Why hang on to the 80%?

And what about that old, worn coat that you love so dearly, but where the cuffs are dingy and not really suited for the public eye anymore????? How come we hold on so dearly, when we KNOW that the best before date has been passed….. ages ago…?

Do you have any self-beliefs that are like that (good?) old coat? Where you know you are ready to move on and start creating a new self-belief. But the old coat feels SO comfortable and safe? Imagine the new coat you will wear instead. Is it colourful? Full of swing? Light and open to the world?

Welcome the new seasons. Be brave. Throw away that old coat – mentally and literally. Have a great week!