Me – masculine??!!! That wasn’t the goal…

What’s YOUR percentage split of masculine versus feminine energy? Because we DO have both, you know? John Gray did the world a lot of good with his “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, it does explain a LOT around how to understand each other better and live together in a more fruitful way. So if you haven’t already, read it. Just like anyone working or living with Greeks should watch “My big fat Greek wedding”… Anyway, side note.

When we go to next level and see behind our “labels”, there is a delicate balance of masculine AND feminine energies in us all, not gender specific. It is very helpful to know your dominant energy – and be aware of where you have some learning to do still. The good old “How opposite forces are complementary”…?!!

The more you can pull out and use from BOTH energy sides of yourself, the more balanced you will be, the more success you will find, and the more results you will create with ALL types of humans (probably animals as well, who knows?!).

For many years I treasured my drive, my freedom, my letting go, my independence, my power and all the other typical masculine energy features. I preferred hanging out with and talking to men (and all my female friends were strong as…). When I became a mother, I realised that I could deny it forever, but there was something going on around the power of the feminine energies – the more inferential communication, the gathering, the caring, the cyclical ways of creating results, the vulnerability and sensitivity.

This “quest for my feminine side” is coming up to 16 years soon, with SO much learning and laughter coming from getting to know my two awesome daughters and an amazing number of influential women that I have met and treasure. A lot of these women have STACKS of masculine energy, but the real treasures pop up when we allow the other side, the vulnerability and spaciousness to be added to the mix.

And now a purposeful sidetrack: how masculine is goal setting, the way we’re used to doing it? Masculine energy works best with 1 clear goal, a specific start and finish date and will work towards this goal with a tunnel focus (think old-brain-hunters) – does this sound like your typical corporate goals, hmm?

Feminine energy on the other hand is more process driven and delivers best through 3-6 goals you work on at the same time, and the timing is cyclical: “over summer/winter I will get a healthy food regime set up/write my book”. Of course, when running several goals at once, you need to be realistic with the timelines (6 concurrent projects NEED a longer timeline than 1 focused project at a time). And it’s helpful to put more energy into the one closest to your heart. How interesting is this? I’m definitely feminine in this sense, so it’s been a true revelation.

So how engaged do you feel with the goals you or others set for you? Have a go at defining them in a different way and see what happens!

And linking back into your natural energy balance: is it about time YOU get some more masculine energy going? Or for some of you, is it time to nurture activities that allow the feminine to have a word for once? Enjoy.