Using both hands!

I’ve got two hands. But in everyday life and throughout my life, I’ve only used one of them. What?? That seems crazy. Still, that’s what most of us do, when it comes to our masculine and feminine powers.

We all have both. It’s not gender specific. Yet, we often early in life choose our preferred way of making decisions, of talking with others, of making things happen, of how we build relationships. And forget all about “the other hand” we could be using.

When we put on the masculine hat, we strive for results, set deadlines, want fast conclusions, power through so to speak. That’s great in so many ways. But the risk is, that we burn out, try fixing everything ourselves, and often dominate others both through work and in our relationships. How can others get a word in, when you’re wearing the bossy pants all the time?? On top of the hazard of your own wellbeing, the biggest risk is that you don’t allow others to add their value, their way.

What’s our feminine hat helping us do, then? Create through flow, collaboration and exploration. It’s a softer way, can seem slower at first, but often much more sustainable, and we get others (and ourselves) with us on the journey. The risk if we use too much of our feminine in all situations, may be that we don’t get the outcomes we would like, that others sometimes over-power and get it their way (even if we KNOW it’s not the right way). And sometimes, our inner critic then parties on by adding a bit of guilt. That wouldn’t happen when we put the masculine hat on, then we’re sure it’s the others’ fault!

Which hand do you think I used predominantly for the first 45 years of my life? Yep, all masculine. So, it’s got nothing to do with gender – we all do it our way. Let me know if you’re curious to start using BOTH your hands, for even better, sustainable results.