Being crazy – the fun way!

When was the last time you surprised yourself and those around you? In a good way that is. Did something out of character, made fun of something you would normally take very seriously??

Well I don’t like cooking that much, but last week Hellofresh turned up on my doorstep again (forgot to extend the delivery pause I had put in), and I truly enjoyed cooking the meals that week. And one evening I decided to have a party while cooking, closed the doors, turned up some funky music and literally jumped and danced while preparing, sniffing the herbs and ingredients like it was the first time I met them. Hazardous moments? Yes. Did I end up laughing of myself jumping around? Yes. Did the family later comment on whether that was me jumping before… the movement they felt in the floor…?? Hahaaaa…

Surprise yourself. Surprise others. By doing something you really feel like, cherishing the moment, making a party out of a mundane daily task like ‘The Clothing Line Funk’ (putting a smile on the neighbours’ faces too), ‘Cleaning the Kitchen after Dinner Dance’, the ‘Finding a way through to the Floor Tidying Up Tango’.

‘Dance with the Kids just because you can’ is another great one, because they may stop joining in when high school hits and they only focus on what others think (well, let’s tackle that one another day!). So enjoy TODAY, what is your crazy, fun idea?

Some of these chores we have to do no matter what. So why not make it fun? And start at home, safely, before you dare into the ‘Waiting at the Copier Hip Hop’. Funk on!