FUN – is that really necessary??!?

Making a mess. Not doing what you were supposed to do today. Goofing around. That would have been IMPOSSIBLE for me just years ago. Diligent, driven, serious, orderly, reliable. That was me. That still IS me – now with fun added on top.

Either you’re the joker, the “no worries, mate” type that don’t get around to anything you promised yourself or anyone else. Or you’re the perfectionist, delivering on time, double-checking every possible thing that could go wrong. How come so many of us jump in one of these camps? What if we could deliver, be accountable AND do it with the attitude of the nonchalant hedonist???!!! How good would that be?

So join me on this mission: take your responsibilities seriously. Do what you promise yourself and others. And do it with a smile. With ease and lightness. Add some fun and laughter.

Your worries, tight shoulders, shallow breathing (or nearly no breathing), stressed expression and walk-as-if-you-are-already-late-for-everything-today. Have a guess: do they IMPROVE your chances of doing a great job or DETRACT?

Play with me this week: all the same stresses and triggers will hit you, exactly like they did last week and the week before. The difference is: this week you will meet them with a smile. With dedication combined with lightness. And let’s compare notes at the end of the week. Did it feel different?

FUN – is that really necessary??!? It may be exactly what the doctor ordered.