How do you brush your teeth?

Everything we do is a strategy. A simple example: we have a strategy for brushing our teeth: some steps leading to an outcome. If we want a different result from our teeth brushing, we need to change a step – and possibly get inspiration from someone getting the results we want. So, how do you brush your teeth? All we do is a strategy.

Brushing your teeth differently may be setting the bar a bit low. So, let’s look for something meatier that you would like to do better in 2018. What is your strategy for that right now?

Let’s say it’s your relationship with those close to you (excellent choice as we lead into lots of Christmas events with family and the usual suspects, right??). What’s your strategy for relationships, “how do you do relationships”?

Are you getting the results you want in your relationships? It’s such an easy one to spot – because if we feel close, respected, allowing each other to be who we are, being the bigger person and allowing each other space and support, the relationships blossom. We know when they are not working. And it’s not your fault, or someone else’s fault. It’s just feedback that you’re not allowing each other yet to be yourselves – feeling enough, feeling loved, feeling we matter – in the way that each one of you want to be seen.

Wow, we got deep quickly, didn’t we? You may have heard this one before: treat others as you would like to be treated. It’s NOT true. The ultimate truth is treating others as THEY would like to be treated. And because we’re all different, it takes a lot of listening and curiosity to start understanding how to really make each other light up.

So, how are you doing relationships? Being aware that it’s not something happening TO us, but that we have a choice in how we do it, is so powerful. We could stop right here. Place that thought in the front of your mind and heart over the Christmas holidays, and things will start changing for you in surprising and awesome ways.

If you need to change something about your strategy, look for role models who are already getting the results you want. Try out some of their steps, because as soon as you change ONE little step in your current strategy, things cannot end up as they normally do, something will change. If it’s not enough or the right direction, do another change and keep it going for a while.

Some of you may feel cheated, that you can’t blame it on others. It may be a struggle to realise. But, when you give in to that belief, it is AWESOME, because when all we do is a strategy, we have the CHOICE to look for different results and doing things differently.

Personally, I’ve done a lot of work this year on “how I do playful” – and I’m getting to a pretty good strategy that works for me. And coming to the end of the year, I’ll also want to shout a deep felt thank you for reading, applying and enjoying the Joy Hearts messages during the year. I love the feedback I’m getting from so many of you, it’s such a joy inspiring your journeys, in whatever way we connect and grow.

So, what’s your thing to work on for YOU this coming year? And if nothing pops up, just enjoy brushing your teeth this coming week…