No fluff

There is no fluff in living from your heart. It is challenging, takes bravery and will be met with disdain. Because it provokes people meeting a person taking off masks, diluting and dissolving labels. When our auto setting is hiding behind arguments, creating conflict or placing blame.

World peace doesn’t come from sitting around saying nice things to each other. It comes from all of us taking responsibility for our own shit, dealing with it to the best of our ability, and not just passing it on to the next person.

Results come from contrasts and challenges overcome – and results is not a dirty word (for those of you scrunching your noses right now thinking results only belong in the business world). We are all getting results all the time – whether you like your results or not, is a whole-new kettle of fish. Let’s call it feedback.

Living from your heart only works if you’re getting the results you are planning for at the same time – otherwise it’s just another convenient label for hiding and letting yourself off the hook.

So, did you get the outcomes you wanted this year? If not, what are YOU gonna change right now to get different outcomes next year? A little suggestion may be owning your own stuff, accepting you are both peace and turmoil all at once. Balance and harmony can’t come from positives only – we need the contrast to balance things out.

You owning your stuff will take us one step closer to world peace – through you, your relations, your teams, your community and who knows how far it will travel? Happy holidays. And may your heart be with you in 2018.