I want it NOW!

Whether it’s well behaved children, a promotion, a new car, a partner we love or our dream house – we want it NOW!

What if all of those external things (including how other people do and make us feel), are not what it’s really about? That it’s never about that?!

It was never about the promotion. It was always about how you imagined you would feel when you HAD the promotion. And guess what? There is a MUCH easier way: you can choose to feel that way exactly now. Right now. Over something you already have present in your life, big or small. Go figure!

How many hours, sleepless nights, worry and guilt have you saved right there?

Get your gratitude journal going. In your mind or even better write it down each morning. 10 things or own behaviours you are really happy, excited, proud or grateful for being or having in your life right now. And say thank you! Really feel it and say it out loud. For each one of them.

That’s where it starts. Inside you. It’s never about the others or the things we want. Start right now, being who you want to be. It will amaze you how your perspective on life changes. And you end up getting the way of life you REALLY want. Not because of the things you get or how others around you react. Because of who you have become. Hip hip hoooooorrraayyyyyyy for BEING.