Waisting the days away?!

What happened to this weekend? Where did the days go? Beautifully wasted. With practical stuff. And being lazy. And being annoyed with self for being lazy. And then realising it’s OK. To push the pause button now and then.

But on another note – on another kind of waste, this update from the trenches hit my notebook in the weeks after Christmas: what happened to my waist??!!

My family GOT me a hula hoop ring, and it gave LOTS of laughs… especially as we all witnessed how it works splendidly for the (smaller waist size) daughters – but NOT for me. And I’m not talking about me not being able to swing the hips after all that lovely food during December. No, no, no, I’m talking physics. Physics denying me my childhood fun.

Here we go: the physical laws defining that ANY ring wanting to swirl around another object needs that object. To. Be. Much. Smaller. Hmmm….. Smaller as in my waist having to be MUCH smaller than the diameter of the shiny new hula hoop ring. Oh!!!

So here I am. A waisted opportunity (!?!). Or not.

I have three options (or probably many more, my brain has started ticking!): 1) find a shop that sells ADULT size hula hoops (and not those heavy fitness ones, I want fun!), 2) continue practising until my waist gets tiny or 3) continue practising swinging it around my neck (YES – I kid you not!). It works, and I tell you the whole body is getting exercise as well at the same time, including muscle work from my hysterical laughter.

What do YOU feel like doing that used to have you in stitches? Give it a go again – as long as you’re prepared to take yourself lightly… hysterical stitches and all.

Anyway, it’s been hiding for the last many weeks (or is it me who have been hiding?), so I better go celebrate my wasted weekend by making it waisted??! Sunday practise neck style coming up, hoop-hoop!