Irrever-something: my new favourite word!

I’ve got a new, favourite word! Irreverent. Being irreverent. I had to look it up, and now my best description is to be direct, saying things as they are, taking things lightly that are normally taken seriously, being cheeky with a good intention. The dictionary will also say disrespectful or rude. But that doesn’t work for me.

What I LOVE about this word is the energy it gives. The permission to be BIG, to use the childlike curiosity to say things they way they are – with respect, but also with a detachment to the outcome. That I’m not judging you or the situation, I’m offering a way of seeing it that none of us were aware of before.

What most often gets us stuck is that we take a situation (and ourselves!!) MUCH too seriously. By putting on my irreverent hat (Iet’s make it bright green with a feather?!), I am taking myself lighter already, I look at the situation with a curious, cheeky-loving glance, and may come up with a view on it that takes out all the emotion, drama, judgment, blame and defence. How good is that?

So this one word helps me put my frame of mind in the right space and tackle whatever comes my way better. What’s your favourite word? That helps you choose the right hat for a situation and take yourself lightly. Maybe it’s Grace (I see a white laced summer hat?) or Cheeky (wearing a pink cap backwards maybe).

Let me know your word and your choice of hat, you never know, you may inspire someone else to a new favourite.

Rock on – with irreverence!