‘Cuse me – is that lipstick on your teeth!??!

Is it just me seeing the bit of food on your nose or the lipstick on your front tooth? I know I’m definitely one of the few ones to point it out!

Why don’t people say it? Yes, it’s a bit awkward. Having to pause the other person. Looking at them until they are sure it’s gone. Is it because you fear the ultimate – that it was NOT food but a permanent skin problem?? Or that the lipstick is one of those permanent ones, so that it becomes a 10 minute struggle to get it off?

Whatever the reason is, get over yourself! If YOU think it is embarrassing pointing it out, then think of THEM two hours later, looking themselves in the mirror and realising they have spoken to dozens of people over the last hours with whipped CREAM on their nose??!! THAT is embarrassing!

So be the trusted one. Dare to help others, even – or especially – when risking to make a fool of yourself.

The shared fight of eating finger food gracefully in public, while making conversation and holding a glass. That’s what you can have a laugh about together, the dropped meat ball is what you will remember (especially if you pick it up from the floor and eat it while saying “10 minute rule”!). Those who run away won’t stick around anyway. And those who laugh with you could end up becoming interesting companions.

So join me. What will YOU be spotting next time? And promise you will speak up??? Happy networking.