My daily joy levels… up to ME??!!

Most of our self-talk is about how our kids, partner, neighbours, boss, colleagues, parents, dog… (please continue the list yourself)… are the reason for our bad mood right now. Here’s news: your daily joy levels are up to YOU. Ouch….

Yes, things and emotions and buttons being pushed around us impact us. I get it. I do it all the time myself. The liberation comes when you realise it IS up to yourself, that no matter how frustrating, annoying (pick your favourite “what-ruins-it-for-me-word”) the situation or person is, it is how you REACT to it that matters. To how you feel. To how you trust yourself.

So, take a step back. Go for a walk. Have a cup of tea. Start realising WHO you really want to be. How will that ideal you react to the situation? ( a million years, when you have practised enough..). That’s where it starts giving you energy instead of draining you. When you can take every encounter or challenge as another opportunity for practising who you are becoming. And guess what? As you start, you realise it won’t take a million years. That you actually ARE changing bit by bit, for every time you react (or wisely choose not to react!) as the human being you are becoming.

Have a play with it. Try it on for a week. The fact that all that “happens to you” is just that – external events. That you by your response have a massive effect on the outcome.

Cheers to a happy weekend. Thank yourself for having a go. Which joy levels are you aiming for the next 24 hours? Go you.